179 Castlehill Road, Maple. L6A 1N7, Ontario, Canada
8:00am - 10:00pm Mon-Sat

Pet Walking Service

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Pet Walking Service

Having a hard time keeping up with your pet's daily walk routine? Let us walk the walk for you! Our professional, loving pet walkers will come to your home, leash up your furry friend and take them on a walk during a 30, 45 or 60-minute visit.

While you're stuck at work let your pet go on an adventure! With Group Off-Leash pet Adventures your pet will get a full hour of unleashed exercise and excitement in a safe, wide-open and protected space with his best friends!

Benefits of Fetch! Pet Care Private Dog Walks:

Keeps your pet's weight under control.
Reduce or even eliminate anxiety and common behavior problems.
Alleviate health related problems.
Help your pet to be more relaxed.




179 Castlehill Road, Maple. L6A 1N7, Ontario